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Aircraft Commerce is a commercial aircraft magazine covering Airline Fleet Planning, Leasing, Airframe Maintenance Costs and more. It is the most cost effective, independent, commercial aircraft research tool on the web today.

Hundreds of articles are available to download from this website relating to:
  • Aircraft & engine operating costs.
  • Aircraft & engine maintenance costs.
  • Operating performance of aircraft & engines.
  • Fleet planning & aircraft selection.
  • Aircraft & engine trading and the aftermarket.
  • Freighter aircraft performance & selection.

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Yours is the best magazine out there.  The only one I kept copies of - Bill Tarpley, President, Creative Conversion Management, LLC

Congratulations for this Journal.  I have been in the business for over 25 years and for me, Aircraft Commerce is the number one ", Eduardo Neves, Components Maintenance Director, TAP Maintenance & Engineering

The comprehensive maintenance cost articles in Aircraft Commerce are a valuable, unbiased resource ... " - Jack Feir, President, Jack B. Feir & Associates

I find Aircraft Commerce the most useful of all the airline publications in circulation " - Gerry Simpson, Air Canada 

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