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   ► About the CORSIA Compliance Health-Check

Compliance with international regulation is a must for every airline. Under CORSIA, with effect from 1 January 2019 operators, including those registered in states that have not volunteered for CORSIA, with annual CO2 emissions greater than 10,000 tonnes will have to report CO2 emissions annually on all their international flights to their national authority (’administrating authority’) In 2018, operators were asked (by most state authorities) to develop an emissions monitoring plan, detailing the procedures that will be used to monitor fuel use, calculate emissions and manage data.

After the end of each reporting year, operators will have to compile the fuel data in an annual emissions report which will need to be verified by a verification body before submission to the administrating authority. Our CORSIA Compliance Health-Check is mainly designed for aeroplane operators but is also helpful for regulators. The main objective is to assess the degree of readiness for emissions reporting for each participant so that complying with the CORSIA reporting requirements will cause the least disruption. 

   The Health-Check Program for airlines covers

  • Emissions Monitoring Plan,
  • Estimation and Reporting Tool CERT,
  • Fuel Consumption Monitoring Method,
  • Data Collection Process,
  • Data Quality Assurance System,
  • Emissions Report and Verification,
  • CORSIA Offsetting Requirements

The Health-Check not only helps airlines new to emission reporting and MRV, but also airlines currently impacted by EUETS will benefit. Initially we explain how to comply with CORSIA SARPS reporting and how to set up a reporting system. We also review existing flight data and explain how the same source data and similar processes can be used to create emissions reports for both CORSIA & EU-ETS. The time is now, to assess whether your organization is ready to record CORSIA flight and emissions data. If corrections are to be made, the Health-Check provides a Gap Report listing the areas and processes to be modified or adapted for full CORSIA compliance.

► Our Unique Health-Check Program

The Health-Check Program is divided into several distinct phases. Our experts work with an airline’s quality, operations and/or fuel management team, as well as with the airline’s existing practices and systems to determine the best route to full regulatory compliance:

Initial Consultation

Identifying the airline‘s compliance needs

Phase 1 Preparation

viewing existing data collection and reporting systems & processes

Phase 2 Program

identified compliance needs => design of compliance activities

Phase 3 Implementation

implementation of prioritized compliance activities from the action item plan of phase 2

Phase 3 + Ongoing Support

Ongoing Compliance Support throughout all phases of CORSIA


Initial Consultation (free)
A 1 hour unique webinar session between Guido Harling, expert GHG verifier and the airline’s CORSIA / GHG reporting team. The initial consultation typically covers: CORSIA overview, emissions monitoring plan, CORSIA exposure by CERT, current fleet, current flight schedule, current fuel consumption reporting process, implemented IT reporting tools & processes as well as problem areas unique to the airline. That leads to formulating a basic plan of action for the Health-Check to best suit the airline’s compliance needs. Following the Initial Consultation, we will send a proposal for a Health-Check Program proposal tailored exactly to the airline’s requirements.

PHASE 1 - Preparation, Data Gathering and Analysis
Working with the airline’s quality, operations and/or fuel management team our experts gather intelligence, review process descriptions and emission report data. Using this data, we analyze the areas that urgently need to be addressed ahead of the Health-Check Program.

PHASE 2 - Health-Check Program (with optional site visit)
On the basis of the identified compliance needs we design the compliance activities for the airline. This is a joint exercise between the airline and us where we assess existing fuel and emissions data and rework existing data collection processes. Phase 2 is usually paired with a site visit by one of our experts which include interviews with key stakeholders and operational staff in Flight Operations. The key achievement of Phase 2 is the redesigned compliance activities. These are documented in an action item plan for implementing the changes and accompanied by possible savings potential.

PHASE 3 – Health-Check Compliance Realization
We kick off the implementation of the prioritized compliance activities from the action item plan of phase 2. Our experts are available and typically, support is conducted remotely, or can involve site visits for training or trouble-shooting.

PHASE 3 + – Ongoing Program Implementation
Ongoing or Outsourced Compliance Support throughout all phases of CORSIA is optional, should the airline’s compliance team require assistance.

What about the Cost?

The Initial Consultation is free of charge. We understand that every airline is unique- so following the initial consultation we formulate a Health-Check plan tailored to meet the airline’s exact requirements based on the maturity and extend of the current data collection procedures and existing systems as well as the specific needs and goals outlined by the airline’s GHG compliance team.

The CORSIA Compliance Health-Check is a well spent investment an airline or operator to prepare for Full CORSIA Compliance from the GetGo. This way reporting procedures are already correct for the first periods of 2019 and costly year end rework will be avoided.

Contact us for more information and book a free Initial Consultation

Contact us for more information and book a free Initial Consultation:

Ed Haskey,
COO, Aircraft Commerce Consulting

+44 1273 454 235

Guido Harling,
Director Airline GHG Compliance and Verification:

+49 172 6767 929

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   ► Meet the Team

Guido Harling, Director Airline GHG Compliance and Verification
Guido Harling is the founder and executive director of ETSverification GmbH, the verification body for the aviation industry. He holds a bachelor of science (Dipl. Chem. Ing.) and a master of business (Dipl. Wirt. Ing.) degree. Furthermore he is IRCA accredited ISO 9001, 50001 auditor and ISO 14065 greenhouse gas verifier.
Guido started his career in North America where he worked for KPMG US specializing in ERP systems for airlines and airports. Since 2005 he has been managing projects in the aviation and transportation area as a subject matter expert and partner for IATA.
In 2009, with the emerge of EU-ETS he first helped operators to design and implement ETS conform monitoring concepts. In 2010 Guido Harling started ETSverification GmbH, Germany’s first and only DAkkS accredited verification body dedicated solely to the aviation industry. ETSverification GmbH offers verification services within the framework of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and the company is accredited all EU member states. Since 2014 he is IATA trained ACC3 validator and expert for aviation cargo security processes and he is GHG reduction expert and accredited verifier under the ACA Airport Carbon Accreditation Scheme. Since 2017 ETSverification GmbH is also accredited for the verification of GHG from maritime transport. Currently ETSverification GmbH is helping Switzerland to verify Tkm monitoring plans under the Swiss ETS Ordinance and Turkey to implement its new Aviation MRV regulation.



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Guido Harling, CEO, ETSverification GmbH offers an introduction to CORSIA’s and EU ETS’s future. 

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12th Annual Flight Operations Conference - 27th & 28th November 2018

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   ► About Aircraft Commerce Consulting

Aircraft Commerce Consulting was formed with Aircraft Commerce and Aircraft IT joined forces with a group of best-in-class consultants. This uniquely capable and experienced team provides a wide range of aviation consultancy services and health-checks focusing on M&E / MRO System; Flight Operations Technology, and Fuel Efficiency.