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   ► About the Fuel Efficiency Health-Check

Fuel continues to be the #1 cost for any airline or operator, typically representing more than 30% of operating costs. With the recent rise in fuel prices and the global drive to reduce carbon emissions, finding ways to reduce fuel costs and improve aircraft performance will always be critical to the success of an airline or operator. Airlines with a good Fuel Efficiency program in place have reduced their overall fuel budget by 3-5%, in turn improving their bottom line by 1-2%.

Our experts have extensive experience working with numerous airlines worldwide delivering and optimizing successful fuel efficiency programs both as consultants and full-time Fuel Efficiency managers. The Aircraft Commerce Consulting Health-Check program partners our experts to work with an airline's key fuel efficiency team, sharing our experience and providing the additional resources and guidance to support delivery of the best possible Fuel Efficiency results whilst working within the airline's or operator's own unique project framework and processes.

The Health-Check Program provides each airline or operator with:

  • A benchmark comparison of current fuel efficiency processes against best practice industry standards.
  • Additional realistic fuel saving initiatives to complement existing practices using the latest industry proven techniques.
  • An outline of how to optimize current processes and systems for further fuel savings.  

The Health-Check works within an airline's existing practices and systems so there is minimum disruption or change required. Should a major change be recommended or a new Fuel Efficiency program need to be implemented, we have a full Consultancy service available. In our experience a Health-Check discovers potential for further fuel saving at even the most optimized airline. 

► Our Unique Health-Check Program

The Health-Check Program is divided into three core phases. Our experts work alongside an airline's fuel efficiency team through each phase and within the airline's existing practices and systems:

Initial Consultation (free)

A 1-2 hour unique Webinar session between our experts and the airline's key Fuel Efficiency team. The initial consultation typically covers: current processes and systems; areas requiring support; particular problem areas unique to the airline and best practice advice on how to overcome these problems; an overview of industry best practices; formulating a basic plan of action for the Health-Check to best suit the airline and fuel efficiency team.  Following the initial consultation we will send a proposal for a Health-Check Program tailored exactly to the airline's and fuel efficiency team's requirements. 

PHASE 1 - Preparation, Data Gathering and Analysis

Working with the airlines fuel efficiency team our experts gather intelligence and data and prepare documents and briefings ahead of the Health-Check visit.

PHASE 2 - Fuel Efficiency Health-Check Visit (2-4 days)

Our consultants visit the airline, typically for two to four days depending on the requirements and complexity of the current Fuel Efficiency program. The visit typically covers: collection of key data and briefings, plus interviews with key stakeholders and operational staff in Flight Operations, Flight Planning / Dispatch, and Maintenance and Engineering, as well as external stakeholders like ATC and (hub) airport key staff. Verification and further analysis of the information collected is conducted along with a review of current working practices. Working with the Fuel Efficiency team, we formulate improvement measures, establish realistic savings potential and discuss the feasibility of implementing changes. Typically two team briefings are held, upon arrival and at the end of the visit.

PHASE 3 - Fuel Efficiency Health-Check

We process all data and analyses to produce a comprehensive Fuel Efficiency Health-Check outlining the current position of efficiency at the airline, and benchmark this against industry standards. The Health-Check outlines 'Quick-win' fuel saving suggestions as well as how to optimize current processes and systems for further fuel savings.

Ongoing Program Implementation Support (optional)

Our consultants are available for continued support following the Health-Check should the airline's fuel efficiency team require assistance implementing any recommended changes or new fuel saving initiatives. Typically, support is conducted remotely, or can involve site visits for training or trouble-shooting.

What about the Cost?

The Initial Consultation is free of charge.  We understand that every airline is unique - so following the initial consultation we formulate a Health-Check plan tailored to meet the airline's exact requirements based on the maturity and extend of the current Fuel Efficiency program and particular requirements and goals outlined by the airline's Fuel Efficiency team.  

The Fuel Efficiency Health-Check is the best small investment an airline or operator can make to create a clear image of their current Fuel Efficiency position in relation to industry best practices, and to empower the airline's Fuel Efficiency team to optimize existing and future fuel saving initiatives.

Contact us for more information and book a free Initial Consultation:
Ed Haskey, COO, Aircraft Commerce Consulting:


+44 1273 454 235
Sander de Moor, Director Airline Efficiency and
Fuel Efficiency Team Lead, Aircraft Commerce Consulting:


+31 6 2471 4754

Click here to download our Fuel Efficiency health-Check brochure


   ► Overcoming Fuel Efficiency Challenges

Often, Fuel Efficiency programs are not achieving their full potential. Having worked on numerous successful fuel efficiency programs, the Aircraft Commerce Consulting team understands key problems and works with the airline to develop strategies to overcome them. Our recommendations are outlined in the Health-Check. In our experience, a successful Fuel Efficiency program is built on the following building blocks: 

  • Executive commitment
  • Focus on priority projects
  • Use proven methods and tools
  • Leverage success
  • Measure the improvements
  • Sustain and control the improvements 


   ► Meet the Team

Sander de Moor, Director Airline Efficiency and Fuel Efficiency Team Lead
Sander is a licensed flight dispatcher with 30+ years’ experience in all areas of flight operations support, specialising in fuel and operational efficiency strategies since 12 years. He was a core member of the IATA Green Teams for two years, helping to shape that program. He then developed further enhancements to these programs and processes to deliver successful Fuel Efficiency programs at numerous airlines where he was Fuel Efficiency Lead, including LOT Polish Airlines (2011-2013), Etihad Airways (2013-2015), Air Serbia (2016) and Air Seychelles (2016). In recent years, he has have worked with a leading Fuel Efficiency Software Vendor as an airline consultant and he is a regular speaker at industry leading events regarding establishing and enhancing Fuel Efficiency programs.



Sander in his role as Senior Manager Fuel Efficiency, discusses how Air Serbia has optimized it's Fuel Efficiency Program

(Click here to view)

Aircraft Commerce Journal – February / March 2018

Fuel Efficiency Health-Checks – their content, application and benefits

Where fluctuations in fuel price are a key driver of airline profits, the absence of a robust fuel efficiency programme seems strange. A health check of all facets of an efficiency project is a business necessity. Sander de Moor, Director, Operational Efficiency of Aircraft Commerce Consulting, takes an in-depth look. 

(Click here to download)

Aircraft Commerce Journal – April / May 2018

Exploiting the full potential of Cost Index (CI) in operations

Where fuel prices drive airline profits, all operational efficiency measures available to airlines should be implemented. Sander de Moor, director of operational efficiency at Aircraft Commerce Consulting, examines the benefits and challenges of a Cost Index programme.

(Click here to download)
Conference Keynote Presentation:

Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference – 5th & 6th June 2018

Workshop: A Fuel Efficiency Masterclass

How to build a successful fuel saving program or further enhance an existing program.  You are presented with practical examples on how to lower your fuel consumption by several percentage points and substantially improve profitability.  Topics include: How to discover and manage fuel saving initiatives, how to ensure you make the most out of your current software solution, and lots more…

Workshop hosted by Sander de Moor, Director Airline Efficiency, Aircraft Commerce Consulting

(Click here to download)



Willie McGonagle, Fuel Efficiency Global Lead – M&E
Willie established and ran a highly successful Fuel Efficiency program within Aer Lingus (2010-2015). During this time he implemented and developed a world leading Fuel Monitoring System and Co-Chaired the Airbus Fuel Fair program for two years. His recent experience includes working with developing Fuel Efficiency technology and assisting leasing companies to enhancing their M&E efficiency. Willie is a licensed engineer with 30 years of experience in Maintenance & Engineering with an MSc in Air Transport Management (London City University) and Certificate in Business Technical Aircraft Management (IT Carlow University).



   ► Fuel Efficiency Resource Library

Aircraft Commerce Consulting draws on the industry knowledge and expertise of Aircraft Commerce and Aircraft IT. We are pleased to share with you a one-stop fuel efficiency resource library, including software demonstration Webinars from the industry's leading vendors; heavily researched fuel articles published in Aircraft Commerce and airline case studies published in the Aircraft IT eJournal:


Register for and view On-Demand software demonstrations from some of the industry leading Fuel Efficiency Software Vendors: 

On-Demand Webinar Title:

Fuel Efficiency Solutions Demo and Overview Webinar inc: SkyBreathe Software Demo; Pilot App Dashboard; 3D Post Flight Analysis; Digital Data and Developments; more…

Host: OpenAirlines
Date Recorded: 14th June 2018
Duration: 61 Minutes

Click here for full info and register to view
On-Demand Webinar Title:

Fuel Efficiency Solutions Demo and Overview Webinar inc: Honeywell GoDirect Fuel Efficiency Software Demo; Mobile Pilot App; Latest Developments; more…

Host: Honeywell
Date Recorded: 15th March 2018
Duration: 57 Minutes

Click here for full info and register to view
On-Demand Webinar Title:

Fuel Efficiency Solutions Demo and Overview Webinar inc: Rolls-Royce Efficiency Management Demo; new Pilot App; Big Data Analytics; more…

Host: Rolls-Royce
Date Recorded: 8th December 2016
Duration: 61 Minutes

Click here for full info and register to view
On-Demand Webinar Title:

Boeing Fuel-Efficiency Solutions Demonstration Webinar inc: New Product Previews; Fuel Dashboard Software Demo; Mobile Pilot Interface

Host: Boeing
Date Recorded: 26th March 2015
Duration: 55 minutes

Click here for full info and register to view


Read heavily researched Aircraft Commerce articles:

Aircraft Commerce – December 2015 / January 2016

Systems and Techniques to reduce fuel consumption

The two categories of fuel burn reducing applications are those that achieve in-flight savings, and those that identify operating techniques following the processing and analysis of QAR data. New aerodynamic modifications are becoming available to provide further reductions.

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Aircraft Commerce – April / May 2014

Alternative & new Fuel Programmes

The rate of progress of new & alternative fuel programmes has been relatively slow. A faster rate of development is needed to meet IATA’s goal of achieving a carbon-neutral fleet and capacity growth by 2020. The progress of alternative fuel programmes is examined.

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Airline Case Studies

Read airline success case studies: 


Aircraft IT Operations – July/August 2018

Fuel Management at Ukraine International Airlines

Andriy Kostyuk, Technical Pilot E-190 and Sergey Zviryanskiy, Manager Flight Operations Engineering, introduce the fuel preservation program at UIA — you can better manage what you know.

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Aircraft IT Operations – July/August 2017

The Fuel Saving program and initiatives at Air Transat

How Air Transat took control of fuel management; Gabriel M. Blanchette, Engineering Specialist –  Flight Operations, Air Transat explains what they used and what it achieved.

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Aircraft IT Operations – July/August 2017

Using data for fuel efficiency at Cebu Pacific

Francesc Torres, Director Flight Operations Technical Support & Dispatch at Cebu Pacific and Alexandre Feray, CEO of OpenAirlines explain how a fuel preservation program was implemented at Cebu Pacific.

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Aircraft IT Operations – September/October 2016

Icelandair Fuel Savings

Einar Ingvi Andrésson, Manager, Fuel Efficiency at Icelandair explains how data driven decision making (DDDM) in airline management is done and what it delivers.

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Aircraft IT Operations – September/October 2016

Lufthansa Fuel Saving

Tom Duddeck, Manager Fuel Efficiency at Lufthansa German Airlines discusses the challenges and measures to improve operational and fuel efficiency.

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Aircraft IT Operations – October/November 2015

Fuel Savings at Transavia

Thomas Aliguen, Fuel Manager at Transavia and Alex Feray, CEO at OpenAirlines explain how Transavia engaged pilots in their fuel conservation program using sophisticated software tools.

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Aircraft IT Operations – August/September 2015

Optimizing Arrival Fuel at Aeromexico

A case study on fuel management from Mike Irrgang, Sr. Aviation Consultant, Professional Services, Boeing and Rafael Suarez, Sr. Vice President, Flight Operations, Aeromexico

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Aircraft IT Operations – June/July 2015

Less fuel, more efficiency, better service at AirAsia

Small savings and operational efficiency help

AirAsia to ensure that ‘everyone can fly’ explain Jonathan Sanjay, Group Manager, Operational Efficiency, AirAsia and Andrew Jones, Product Leader, Fuel and Flight Risk Management for GE Aviation

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Aircraft IT Operations – August/September 2013

Aircraft IT 2013 Fuel Efficiency Survey

What priority do operators give to fuel efficiency initiatives and what motivates their position?

(Click here to download)




   ► About Aircraft Commerce Consulting

Aircraft Commerce Consulting was formed with Aircraft Commerce and Aircraft IT joined forces with a group of best-in-class consultants. This uniquely capable and experienced team provides a wide range of aviation consultancy services and health-checks focusing on M&E / MRO System; Flight Operations Technology, and Fuel Efficiency.