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   ► About the M&E / MRO Systems Health-Check

The aviation industry is changing. New aircraft generate and deliver even greater, more complex and informative data streams. Industry regulations, operational costs and technology complexities continue to increase and companies are constantly being challenged to do more with less. The performance of M&E / MRO systems in supporting these challenges is critical to success for maintainers of aircraft (airlines, operators and MROs).

With our unique knowledge of aviation M&E / MRO systems and a strong relationship with the world's leading system suppliers, Aircraft Commerce Consulting and our partners ICF are ideally positioned as trusted subject matter experts. Our experts have extensive experience in M&E / MRO systems both from a vendor and user perspectives, having successfully implemented a number of full end-to-end M&E / MRO systems.

The Aircraft Commerce Consulting M&E / MRO Health-Check Program, tailored to address each company's unique challenges and requirements, provides a clear guide, including:

  • A benchmark comparison of current M&E / MRO systems and processes against best practice industry standards.
  • An outline of how to optimize current processes and systems to drive greater efficiency.
  • Are paper, whiteboards and spreadsheets still a necessity?
  • An evaluation of how new technologies (paperless, mobile, predictive M&E, etc.) can be leveraged to improve efficiency.
  • Plus lots more.  

The Health-Check works within a company's existing practices and systems so there is minimum disruption or change required. Should a major change in processes or systems be recommended we have a full Consultancy service available to support. In our experience a Health-Check provides the building blocks to optimize M&E / MRO system performance which is critical to successfully meeting industry challenges. 

► Our Unique Health-Check Program

The Health-Check Program is divided into three core phases:

Initial Consultation (free)

A 1 to 2 hour unique Webinar session between our experts and the company's key M&E / MRO Systems team. The initial consultation typically covers: current processes and systems; particular problem areas unique to the airline and best practice advice on how to overcome these problems; an overview of industry best practices; your chance to ask our experts any burning questions you may have; formulation of a basic plan of action for the Health-Check to best suit the company's M&E / MRO Systems team.  Following the initial consultation we will send a proposal for a Health-Check Program tailored exactly to your requirements. 

PHASE 1 - Preparation, Data Gathering and Analysis

Working with the M&E / MRO Systems team our experts gather intelligence and data, and prepare documents and briefings ahead of the Health-Check visit.

PHASE 2 - M&E / MRO System Health-Check Visit

Our consultants arrive for a site visit, typically for two to four days depending on the requirements and complexity of the current M&E / MRO system program. The visit typically covers: collection of key data and briefings, plus interviews with key stakeholders and operational staff in Maintenance & Engineering and IT. Verification and further analysis of the information collected is conducted along with a review of current working practices. Working with the M&E / MRO Systems team, we formulate improvement measures, establish realistic recommendations to improve efficiency and discuss the feasibility of implementing changes. Typically two team briefings are held; one upon arrival and one at the end of the visit.

PHASE 3 - M&E / MRO System Health-Check

We process all data and analyses to produce a comprehensive M&E / MRO Systems Health-Check outlining current systems and procedures, and benchmarking them against industry standards. The Health-Check report identifies and suggests improvements in important areas that will raise efficiencies quickly and explains how to optimize current processes and systems to drive efficiency.

Ongoing Program Implementation Support (optional)

Our consultants are available for continued support following the Health-Check should the company's M&E / MRO Systems team require assistance implementing any recommended changes or efficiency initiatives. Typically, support is conducted remotely, or can involve site visits for training or trouble-shooting.

What about the Cost?

The Initial Consultation is free of charge.  We understand that every company is unique - so following the initial consultation we formulate a Health-Check plan tailored to meet your exact requirements based on the maturity and extent of the current M&E / MRO Systems plus particular requirements and goals.  

The M&E / MRO Health-Check is the best small investment a company can make to create a clear image of their current M&E / MRO Systems and processes in relation to industry best practices, and to empower their own key personnel to optimize existing systems and processes and explore the possibility of adopting new technologies that will directly benefit efficiency. 

Contact us for more information and book a free Initial Consultation:
Ed Haskey, COO, Aircraft Commerce Consulting:


+44 1273 454 235
Allan Bachan, Vice President, ICF:


+1 469 467 4421

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   Operational Challenges and Key M&E / MRO Health-Check Findings

According to specific requirements, a Health-Check could include the following operational analysis, plus lots more:

  • How are current M&E / MRO systems and procedures performing, and are they used efficiently and to their full potential? Could additional functionality or modules increase efficiency?
  • Benchmarking current M&E / MRO systems and procedures against industry standards
  • Do engineers and maintenance personnel have all the information they need to make timely decisions in order to carry out their work quickly and effectively?
  • How well is key data captured and is it used and shared seamlessly between disparate business systems and business partners?
  • With new hardware and software technologies coming to market all the time, is your organization ready to benefit from and leverage processes such as: Big data analytics and Electronic record keeping? Are you ready to reduce and eliminate whiteboards, spreadsheets and paper-based processes to manage key aspects of the business or to embrace new generation digital aircraft? Is this new technology even needed to support your operation?
  • An outline of techniques to avoid and reduce costs, including inventory optimization
  • How to efficiently respond to changes in work scope, while still achieving performance objectives
  • Documenting a set of summarized actionable recommendations in support of key business objectives.




   ► Meet the Team

Glen Noon, Senior Consultant - Engineering IT Systems, Aircraft Commerce Consulting
In nearly 40 years, Glen has gained a reputation for integrity, problem-solving, professionalisn, depth of knowledge and perseverence. Starting in 1978 as a Royal Navy aircraft engineer, with fixed and rotary wing aircraft, he rose to manage the British Military's first Aircraft Management System.
Glen joined Computer Science Corporation in 2000, working with GKN Westlands & Lockheed Martin UKIS to deliver MSSAS logistical solution for the Merlin, later working with Lockheed Aeronautics, managing an Asset Management tool supporting C130J assets for global users. He joined XL Airways in 2006 and implemented AMOS for three Group companies before, as a consultant, joining easyJet to assist their AMOS implementation.
Glen’s next project at BMI meant working on both MRO and Flight Operations solutions, and in the sale of the Airline. British Airways Next Generation project for the induction of the B787 and A380’s connected Aircraft followed, before, in 2013, moving to consult with Etihad Airways on their Entry into Service project. Having delivered an MRO Solution for the e-Enabled fleet plus built up and led a Technical Competency Center, Glen left Etihad Airways in 2017 for Europe and clients including Vueling Airways and Flybe.
Glen continues to apply, across a wide spectrum of aviation clients, his deep understanding of aircraft, component maintenance, e- Enablement, IT systems and problem-solving.


Rob Saunders, Senior Consultant M&E / MRO Systems, Aircraft Commerce Consulting
Rob’s career started with British Airways in 1977 where, following an apprenticeship, he worked as a licensed avionics engineer in both Line and Base maintenance. In 1985 he moved to the 747 and L1011 planning department before taking a technical support position in BA’s Maintrol Operations centre in 1987.

In 1990 Rob joined Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong as a Maintenance Controller and saw the introduction of the 747-400 and Airbus fleet. In 1994 he managed the Base Maintenance Support team, covering HAECO and the then new TAECO facility (China). In 1997 he moved back to the operation as Manager of the Maintenance Control Centre.

In 2002 he held the position of Manager Ultramain Program, and was responsible for the replacement of Cathay’s legacy Engineering IT systems.

In 2006 Rob was appointed Manager of Aircraft Engineering with technical responsibility for Cathay and Dragonair’s Boeing and Airbus fleets.

As Head of Business Improvement & Lean, Rob led a team implementing many productivity and compliance related projects including electronic Technical Records, A350 software control, e-enabled aircraft and a paperless maintenance strategy including the development of the latest eLog software with Ultramain Systems. Rob left Cathay Pacific in June 2017.

Rob has excellent real-world knowledge and experience of the latest digital aviation solutions on the market, particularly around the area of big-data analytics and predictive maintenance.


Martin Harrison, Global Managing Director - Airline, Aerospace & MRO, ICF
Martin Harrison, a Vice President at ICF in London, has been serving the aviation industry for more than 30 years. As a consultant, he works with clients around the world on operations projects that span ground, airport, maintenance, customer service, fuel conservation, crew planning and safety management systems.  Martin has a deep understanding of the low-cost carrier business model as well as regional and hub operations.

Prior to joining ICF in July 2012, Martin was the Chief Operating Officer at Pluna Airlines in Uruguay, working on a restructuring program for the South American flag carrier. He has also held executive operational positions at Spirit Airlines in the United States and easyJet Airlines in Europe. Martin started his career at British Airways in hands-on maintenance and then engineering roles before moving on to Total Engine Support Ltd. in the United Kingdom, providing consultancy services that were focused on engine asset management. Martin holds an MSc from Bristol University and an MBA from IESE in Spain.


Allan Bachan, Vice President, ICF
Allan is a Vice President at ICF with 32 years of industry experience as an Aviation M&E, MRO and Supply Chain solutions and systems domain expert. He is responsible for ICF’s MRO Operations and IT practice and he manages the Aircraft Commerce Consulting relationship with ICF. He specializes in solution blueprinting for MRO, Supply Chain and ancillary IT systems. 

His experience includes managing application design, development, and full cycle implementation – from selection to go-live – for strategic clients in the MRO industry using different commercially available MRO IT products. He has also spearheaded many carriers’ M&E and MRO systems solution design, customizations, integrations and implementations including project governance, data migration and change management.

In his career, Allan has fulfilled the following leadership roles:
  • MRO IT practice and technical lead for industry leading solutions companies realizing more than 20 go-lives involving at least 8 different systems
  • MRO systems Product Principal for a large global IT solutions and systems integration company
  • M&E and MRO Solutions Director for a large global aviation software and solutions provider
  • Manager of Technical Records, Maintenance Planning and Production Control at a mid-size commercial airline with full MRO



    M&E / MRO System Resource Library

Aircraft Commerce Consulting draws on the industry knowledge and expertise of Aircraft Commerce and Aircraft IT. We are pleased to share with you a one-stop M&E / MRO System resource library, including software demonstration Webinars from the industry's leading vendors; heavily researched articles published in Aircraft Commerce and industry case studies published in the Aircraft IT eJournal:


Register for and view On-Demand software demonstrations from some of the industry leading M&E / MRO Software Vendors: 

On-Demand Webinar Title:

Paperless Aviation Maintenance Task Cards, Check Planning and Production Control Software Demo On-Demand Webinar inc: Electronic Task Cards; Electronic Signatures; Engineer Tablet Demo; Non-Routines; Digital Work Pack; Report Dashboards; more...

Host: EmpowerMX
Date Recorded: 28th June 2018
Duration: 78 minutes

Click here for full info and register to view
On-Demand Webinar Title:

Predictive Aviation Maintenance Software Demo and Overview On-demand Webinar inc: Real Time Monitoring; Delay Probability; Avoid AOGs; Latest Developments and New Features; more...

Host: CrossConsense
Date Recorded: 21st June 2018
Duration: 60 minutes

Click here for full info and register to view
On-Demand Webinar Title:

Aviation Maintenance Planning SaaS Software Solutions Demo On-Demand Webinar IFS Maintenix Fleet Planner - Long Range Planning and IFS Maintenix Line Planner - Line Maintenance Planning; Integrates with any M&E system; more…

Host: IFS
Date Recorded: 31st May 2018
Duration: 58 minutes

Click here for full info and register to view
On-Demand Webinar Title:
Seabury Solutions Alkym Aircraft Maintenance Software Demo & Overview On-Demand Webinar inc. Mobile Maintenance Demo (iOS /Android); Paperless functionality; Latest System Upgrade – Alkym 7 Web, Cloud Hosting, Web-Based, more….

Host: Seabury Solutions
Date Recorded: 24th May 2018
Duration: 71 minutes

Click here for full info and register to view
On-Demand Webinar Title:

Paperless Aviation Mobile Forms App Software Demo On-Demand Webinar inc: Real-time HTML Data-Capture; Publication / Manuals Change Requests; Training Checklists; Real-Time Analytics; Offline / Online Capability; Compliant Change Management; more...

Host: Flatirons Jouve
Date Recorded: 3rd May 2018
Duration: 48 minutes

Click here for full info and register to view
On-Demand Webinar Title:

Electronic Logbook (ELB/ETL) and Paperless Aircraft Maintenance Software Demo On-Demand Webinar inc: Mobile Mechanic; ULTRAMAIN ELB v2; Paperless ELB and M&E Case Studies; Regulatory Approval; more...

Host: Ultramain
Date Recorded: 1st March 2018
Duration: 57 minutes

Click here for full info and register to view
On-Demand Webinar Title:

Predictive Aircraft Maintenance Analytics & Reliability Reporting Software Demo On-Demand Webinar inc: Real-Time Monitoring; AOG Risk Predictions; M&E System Integration and Implementation; Aircraft Health Monitoring

Host: EXSYN Aviation Solutions
Date Recorded: 15th February 2018
Duration: 64 minutes

Click here for full info and register to view
On-Demand Webinar Title:

TRAX eMRO M&E Software and eMobility Apps Demo & Overview Webinar inc: eMRO Full M&E ERP Overview; eMobility App Demos - PilotLog (ETL/ELB), AeroDox (Digital Docs/Manuals), Production Control, Line Control; more...

Host: Trax
Date Recorded: 8th February 2018
Duration: 59 minutes

Click here for full info and register to view
On-Demand Webinar Title:

Electronic TechLog (ETL / ELB) Software Demo & Overview On-Demand Webinar inc: Pilot Walkthough Tablet Demo; Gaining Regulatory Approval; M&E / MRO System Integration; Working with no Connectivity; Managing Manuals and Forms; the cost benefits of using an ETL / ELB

Host: Conduce
Date recorded: 18th January 2018
Duration: 58 minutes

Click here for full info and register to view
On-Demand Webinar Title:

Commsoft OASES Aviation MRO / M&E Software Demo & Overview on-Demand Webinar inc: Latest System Upgrade; Cloud Hosting; Demos - Mobile Materials App, Damage & Repair Module, Maintenance Costs Module

Host: Commsoft
Date Recorded: 30th November 2017
Duration: 59 minutes

Click here for full info and register to view
On-Demand Webinar Title:

AMOS Aviation M&E / MRO Software Demo and Overview On-Demand Webinar inc: Latest Developments - AMOScentral & AMOSmro Demos; Go-Live Services and Digital Maintenance Processes

Host: Swiss AviationSoftware Ltd.
Date Recorded: 9th November 2017
Duration: 64 minutes

Click here for full info and register to view


Read heavily researched Aircraft Commerce articles:

Aircraft Commerce – April / May 2018

Developments in M&E systems configuration & capabilities

While the core functionality of an M&E system is restricted in part to its relational database architecture, there have been developments in the collection, visibility and use of the data. In conjunction with CMS, these are helping M&E systems advance MRO capabilities.

(Click here to download)
Aircraft Commerce – February / March 2018

Using electronic & paperless maintenance to improve labour efficiency
The traditional system of manually planning airframe maintenance checks, and routine and non-routine tasks with printed cards has several inherent inefficiencies. The path to transforming maintenance checks into an electronic process and the gains in labour efficiency are examined.

(Click here to download)


Aircraft Commerce – December 2017 / January 2018

Maintenance production management dashboards

Dashboards provide a concise and visually effective means to display data on a daily basis. In an MRO environment, the ability to condense and update the status and progress of thousands of routine and non-routine task cards can realise significant efficiencies for maintenance providers. Key characteristics of various maintenance dashboards are outlined here.

(Click here to download)
Aircraft Commerce – October / November 2017

Using M&E systems to identify total aircraft maintenance costs

M&E IT systems have been adapted to provide an increasing number of maintenance & engineering functions. One additional benefit of the data held and functionality developed is the ability to analyse an individual aircraft’s and fleet’s total maintenance costs in detail.

(Click here to download)
Aircraft Commerce – August / September 2017

Mobile applications & hardware for maintenance

The use of mobile hardware and applications is increasing in aircraft maintenance. Their use extends across line and base maintenance, engine and component shop repairs, spares and inventory requisition and management, and purchasing and authorisation.

(Click here to download)

Airline Case Studies

Read industry success case studies: 


Aircraft IT MRO – July/August 2018

Alaska Airlines takes control of inventory

Jim Parish, General Manager Material, Stores, and Distribution, Alaska Airlines explains their experience developing a RFID system for Inventory Management.

(Click here to download)
Aircraft IT MRO – July/August 2018

American Airlines addresses repetitive faults with data

Karl Ries, Senior Manager Tech Support Desk Maintenance Operations Control, American Airlines shares some experience using advanced software tools to mine valuable information from log pages.

(Click here to download)

Aircraft IT MRO – May/June 2018

New technologies and Blockchain

Mathieu Gimenez, Innovator at the MRO Lab Singapore, Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) shares the latest Technology Updates: Blockchain in Aviation.

(Click here to download)
Aircraft IT MRO – March/April 2018

Counting beans and tightening bolts

Seamless integration in aviation MRO by Kevin Chen, Senior Vice President, Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation (EGAT).

(Click here to download)

Aircraft IT MRO – March/April 2018

Fleet Technical Management and CAMO

The opportunities and challenges of Fleet Technical Management (FTM) in Asia: Darmilo Sosa, CEO, Wingbox Aviation considers how MRO IT can help.

(Click here to download)
Aircraft IT MRO – September/October 2017

AirTanker: an MRO/M&E software implementation

Ian Thatcher, Engineering Manager, AirTanker Services Ltd. and Ian Kent, Aviation Consultant, Rusada share the challenges of an Implementation in a complex operational environment.

(Click here to download)
Aircraft IT MRO – September/October 2017

Jazz Aviation – Paperless Maintenance Processes

John Hensel, Manager of Business Systems Integration and Development, Jazz Aviation shares the airline’s experience implementing new paperless maintenance processes including Electronic Task Cards and Production Control.

(Click here to download)
Aircraft IT MRO – July/August 2017

Achieving MRO Efficiencies through M&E Software Implementation

Juan Ignacio Lopez, Planning and Productivity Manager, TechOps Mexico and Dr. Hugh Revie, Vice President, EmpowerMX share TechOps’ paperless M&E solutions software implementation.

(Click here to download)
Aircraft IT MRO – July/August 2017


The Current and Future Aircraft Maintenance (M&E / MRO) Software Market The latest views from the world of MRO IT and what the people who use the solutions are thinking and doing about it.

(Click here to download)
Aircraft IT MRO – Winter 2017

Achieving a Continuous Compliance Culture at Southwest Airlines

Don Tilden, Director of Central Publications, Southwest Airlines, and John Zawlocki, Fleet Solution Manager, Flatirons Jouve share the challenges and gains from an ambitious program.

(Click here to download)
Aircraft IT MRO – Winter 2017

A digital future for Air Evac

Tammie Bethel, Records Specialist, Air Evac shares a decade of growth propelled by NextGen M&E MRO IT.

(Click here to download)
Aircraft IT MRO – Winter 2017

MATMen – In-House Solution for Supply Chain Optimization

Petr Barton, Inventory Manager, Travel Service a.s. shares the journey to improved supply chain management.

(Click here to download)
Aircraft IT MRO – Winter 2016-2017

Using an M&E IT solution to manage CAMO operations

Yuliya Kornyeva, Senior Project Manager at FL Technics explains using an M&E IT solution to manage different customers CAMO requirements.

(Click here to download)
Aircraft IT MRO – Winter 2016-2017

Innovations in Aircraft Maintenance at easyJet

Gareth Thomas, Application Manager at easyJet shares the airline’s approach to innovative IT and technology solutions.

(Click here to download)
Aircraft IT MRO – Winter 2016-2017

Controlling Aircraft Tooling using RFID Technology

When safety considerations demanded a change, it was sensible says Jakob Heegaard, Director IT at Jet Time, to leverage maximum business value from the project.

(Click here to download)
Aircraft IT MRO – Winter 2016-2017

Making everything work better

John Hancock explains how Petroleum Helicopters International gained and continues to enjoy the best results from their MRO IT solution from Ramco.

(Click here to download)
Aircraft IT MRO – September/October 2016

Paperless, that’s the plan

Andy Genao, Senior Manager, Maintenance Planning and Michael Henry, Director Maintenance Planning at Atlas Air share a case study in the evolution of paperless manuals and eSolutions.

(Click here to download)
Aircraft IT MRO – July/August 2016

A five year success story together

Dinendra B Kadam Deputy Continuing Airworthiness Manager -IT-MRO for Air India offers a case study of how Air India worked with its software vendor to make the most of its MRO IT solution.

(Click here to download)
Aircraft IT MRO – July/August 2016

Endeavor Air: Managing Legacy MRO Systems

Chris Oot, Tech Ops Systems Support Business Manager, and Robert Gatzke, Aircraft Maintenance Programs tell Endeavor Air’s story of consolidating an assortment of MRO systems into one.

(Click here to download)



   ► About Aircraft Commerce Consulting

Aircraft Commerce Consulting was formed with Aircraft Commerce and Aircraft IT joined forces with a group of best-in-class consultants. This uniquely capable and experienced team provides a wide range of aviation consultancy services and health-checks focusing on M&E / MRO System; Flight Operations Technology, and Fuel Efficiency.