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Welcome to IFS – International Flight Support, the Copenhagen based EFB software provider, specializing in Electronic Flight Bag software solutions for Class I a-b and Class II a-b-c EFB projects.  IFS is aleading technology supplier in Europe and the creator of the PFB™ - Paperless Flight Bag.  The PFB™ can be delivered as an EFB platform for selected services or as a fully integrated and interfaced EFB solution.  The PFB™ is aimed at: business aircraft operators, regional-, charter-, cargo- and major airlines as well as military/utility operators.
Today, the PFB™ Paperless Flight Bag solutions are utilized by aircraft operators located throughout Europe operating typical mainline turboprop, jet and wide-body aircraft types.The PFB™ Paperless Flight Bag solution is powered by IFS’ own software platform and is available for Windows 7/8 as well as for iOS running on iPadand iPhone. 
Our company has been involved exclusivelywithin “in-cockpit calculation and flight data registration” solutions since 2001 where the first product launched was an OFF-Line Performance calculator running on the then modern Nokia Communicator units.  The PFB Paperless Flight Bag solution is a true, fully integrated EFB Platform, not just an EFB application.  It includes an advanced back-office integration solution, which enables you to secure all your operational data registrations automatically and facilitates import of data from any back-end software system and transfer offlight data from the PFB to the back-end systems as required. The modules available to clients for selection are following:

  • Document Management & Library function
  • EFF – Electronic Flight Folder (full integration to Air Support PPS, JeppesenJetPlan, Navtech FP, Sabre FWZ etc. with full electronic OFP for Fuel & Time checks & notes)
  • W & B/Load Sheet with electronic sign-off
  • TODC Performance Calculations ON-Line or OFF-Line (requires 3rd party Performance/airport db/obstacle data integration)
  • LDC Performance Calculations ON-Line or OFF-Line
  • Pre-Flight and Post-Flight Reporting with electronic sign-off
  • eTechLog with MEL data import/export from/to the maintenance system
  • Cross feed function of all flight data between the EFB units (both for iPad units as well as Win 7/8 units)
  • Back-office server system facilities (hosted by IFS) which enable data import as well as data export from/to other back-end systemsmanually or via fully automatic web-services
  • Cabin EFB module solutions

The PFB Platform is a modular EFB solution enabling the operator to start out with only the modules desired in relation to priority needs. This insures that you can apply a long-term EFB policy knowing that the Platform can host any future integration requirements as they expand in the future. Additional features include ease ofmanagement and deployment, once the set-up has been customized to your operation.  The PFB features flexible set-up of the actualsequencing of the various module functions, as well as sequencing of data input fields, which can be easily altered, added or changed in accordance with your operational requirements.  The PFB Back-office functionality enables you to run and deploy differentiated document distribution to the EFB hardware units (pilot based or aircraft based) where, for example, crews of one aircraft type will not carry manuals for another aircraft type, whereas some technical responsible pilots might have all manuals, etc.
IFS has established co-operation with a number of well recognized 3rd party main system providers in order to import data from Flight Planning, Scheduling/Crew Planning, TODC/LDC Performance, as well as Route Manual/Chart system providers. For these services IFS delivers the EFB software module integration and user interface. Other application modules such as: LDC Off-line, Weight & Balance/Load Sheet and Voyage/Journey Logs and eTechlogare created entirely by IFS.
In 2011, IFS celebrated its 10th anniversary at its company headquarters situated in central Copenhagen, Denmark.  The company offices house sales, marketing, finance as well as the main functions of the development department.  However, development also takes place in Sweden and Ukraine.  All IFS server systems are cloud based and are run by powerful and well-established hosting partners located in Denmark with failsafe and duplicate back-up system structures with an impeccable track record.  All safety and security systems as well as the encryption technologies used by IFS fully comply with EASA and FAA as well as with the strictest military security requirements.
The IFS team consists of a dedicated group of specialists working to ensure that our clients benefit from a strong and innovative development, support and service function with a high level of quality.
We hope the information following this introduction email will encourage you to get back to us to discuss your EFB requirements in detail.  We are looking forward to supporting you with further information, on-line demos and/or eventual on-site meetings to discuss your EFB project in order to support a long lasting business relationship with you.