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Skyplan has led the way in digital and web based flight-planning, a technique we first introduced in 1998. Aurora is the culmination of that experience.

Using aircraft performance and meteorological models, Aurora offers reliable and accurate flight planning results along with optimized routing, precise fuel burns, and integrated performance tools. Together, these translate into reduced operational costs for your business.

Aurora gives you the tools you need to plan, build, test, manage, visualize, file, and up-link flight plans to your aircraft’s Flight Management System (FMS) from any location in the world, at any time, by using a variety of communication networks.

Today, Aurora’s powerful cutting-edge server infrastructure assures short response times and high bandwidth for complex flight planning tasks. Combine this with an intuitive user interface and a dedicated 24/7 support network, and you have a product that allows you to focus on your flight operations and not on your flight planning software.


  • Calculating a flight plan is a complex task, using a flight planning tool shouldn’t be.
  • Aurora’s customizable and intuitive user interface maximizes planning efficiency and minimizes training overhead.
  • Change screen layouts, create templates and even change color schemes, Aurora gives you the freedom to “make it yours”.


  • Complex flight planning operations require serious computing power.
  • Aurora’s robust server architecture and simultaneous process handling means you’ll spend less time waiting for your flight plan results.
  • Isn’t it time you put the power of Aurora to work for you?


  • Our web-based service means users do not need to install client software, process updates of airspace data (AIRAC), or maintain a flight planning server infrastructure.
  • Aurora works on nearly any internet enabled platform, giving you unparalleled flexibility and accessibility to your flight planning tools.
  • Simply login to Aurora and start planning. Anywhere! Anytime!
  • Pilots and Dispatchers demand accurate flight plan results, minimal response times, and zero downtime. Aurora delivers!
  • Proven aircraft performance and meteorological models provide reliable, accurate, safety enhancing results.
  • Optimized routing, precise fuel burns, and integrated performance tools translate into reduced maintenance and fuel costs.