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F-Secure is a European cyber security company with decades of experience in defending enterprises and consumers against everything from opportunistic ransomware infections to advanced cyber attacks. Its comprehensive set of services and award-winning products use F-Secure’s patented security innovations and sophisticated threat intelligence to protect tens of thousands of companies and millions of people.

Aviation Cyber Security Services by F-Secure
is more than just aircraft. We offer services and solutions for all types of aircraft (including helicopters and drones), as well as ground systems, air traffic control systems (ATC), airports, and so on.

New technologies with increased attack surfaces are being used on most modern aircraft and it’s the operator’s responsibility to make sure these technologies are implemented and operated in a secure way. Legacy aircraft are constantly upgraded to catch up with market requirements, and these constant upgrades make security more challenging.

Security assessments and consultancy, security monitoring, incident response, security scanning and trainings, etc. have traditionally been limited to IT systems on the ground. But this doesn’t protect an aviation company’s most important assets – their airplanes. F-Secure is the only company with the competence and capability to protect both your ground and air systems, as well as their procedures and human factors.

We work with many types of aviation companies and agencies, including airlines, aircraft manufacturers, avionic systems manufacturers, service providers, ATC system manufacturers, and international aviation safety and security agencies.

Our portfolio of specialized services covers the needs regarding aviation cyber security of any aviation company:

  • Security assessments of avionic systems, ground systems and data links
  • Incident response for aviation systems
  • Aviation cyber security trainings for IT managers, cabin and cockpit crews
  • Vulnerability scanners for aviation systems
  • Compliance with technical security requirements and international airworthiness regulations.

Please visit us at booth E11 and discuss how we can secure your business.