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Company profile – Connected Aircraft eEnablement Conference

SITAONAIR is the air travel industry’s trusted connected aircraft service expert, powering innovation with recognized expertise and future-proof solutions. With our unrivalled industry-backed heritage, SITAONAIR delivers the promises of the connected aircraft, empowering 400+ airlines and 16,000+ aircraft to navigate the complexity of connectivity with our best-in-class solutions and services.

We believe that embracing a digital shift will reinvent the operation of aircraft, flight and on-board experience – making it safer, more efficient and enjoyable.

Our e-enablement solutions are designed to help airlines leverage the power of aircraft data to improve passenger experience, airline and passenger safety, monitor airline operations, and improve efficiency and aircraft health and maintenance. 

Airlines face a number of practical challenges posed by the processing and exchange of valuable data with their aircraft. These include data synchronization with the ground, interfacing with avionics systems and enabling applications in all phases of flight and data analytics. SITAONAIR’s suite of connected aircraft solutions allow for the automatic acquisition and synchronization of aircraft data, bringing significant benefits to both cockpit and cabin crew.

Through a combination of connected tablets, as well as our applications and services, we enable airlines to implement paperless cockpit operations. Not only does this bring substantial fuel benefits, it delivers the added efficiency and agility required for smooth cockpit operation. During flights, our cockpit solutions deliver to crew real-time and visual Flight Information Services – including weather forecasts – to help them become ever more efficient and effective.

Our solutions for cockpit crew include:

EFB: a digital portfolio of the services and documentation pilots need to operate in an efficient, connected manner.

EFB Weather Awareness Solution – eWAS: provides cockpit crew with a pilot-centric app offering forecast and near real-time satellite-based weather information from a selection of best-in-class weather providers.

Our cabin solutions equip crew with real-time information access and connections to back-end airline systems – enabling the personalization of passenger experience. Through our applications, airlines can give cabin crew access to real-time passenger information, such as personal meal requests and preferences, en-route baggage status and onward flights. These applications allow cabin crew to deliver an enhanced experience, which can contribute significantly to how passengers feel about an airline’s brand.

Solutions for cabin crew include:

CrewTab: provides crew with a tablet interface to enhance their activities by digitizing paper-based processes and enabling them to deliver a personal service using individual customer information.

ONAIR Plug: provides a dedicated connection providing each aspect of the aircraft, from the crew through to the passengers, with a secure online channel.

Created by the air travel industry, for the air travel industry. Our full suite of products has always focused on enabling airlines to realize the value and full potential of connectivity. 

SITAONAIR is a subsidiary of The SITA Group, the communications and IT solution provider that transforms air travel through technology for airlines, at airports and on aircraft.