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Aircraft Owners & Operators Guide:

Fleet Planning
Assessing the 787's & A350's economic performance

Six sections including:
  • Operating performance
  • Modification programmes
  • Maintenance costs
  • Market values and lease rates 
  • Estimation of 787-8/-9's & A350-800/-900's fuel burn performance, maintenance costs & financing charges.
  • Comparison with the 767-300ER, A330-200/-300 & 777-200ER
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Airline Revenues
The savings realised in inventory control, distribution, pricing, ticket issuing & revenue accounting
Maintenance & Operations IT
Integrating IT systems with OEMs

Automating communications between OEMs and airlines/maintenance facilities relating to:
  • How IT advances have reduced costs in all elements of the passenger sales process
  • The magnitude of savings made 
  • Reliability data, part numbers.
  • Technical manuals.
  • Inventory requirements.
  • Warranty claims. 
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Fleet Planning
The options for 757 replacement

Maintenance & Engineering
CFM56-3 maintenance analysis & budget
  • The 757's operating costs & need for replacement.
  • Compared with the A330-200 & 787-3 operating at lower flight frequencies, and with the A321/A320/A319 & 737-900ER/-800/-700 at higher flight frequencies
  • 4 thrust ratings, EGT margins & operating conditions considered
  • Effect of EGT margin & OAT on removal intervals examined
  • Typical shop visit pattern, shop visit inputs & resulting maintenance reserves analysed
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Flight Operations
777-300ER & A340-600 operating performance comparison
Freight Business:
Revenue capacity medium widebody freighters
  • Performance on routes of 5,200-7,450nm
  • Specification weights and differences in fuel burn and total payload carried examined.
  • A300-600RF, A310-300F, 767-200SF & 767-300SF analysed
  • Structural payloads & containerised volumes of different conversions
  • Freight packing densities & volumetric payloads compared
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Maintenance & Engineering
The 737NG's first base check maintenance cycle

  • Maintenance programmes & base check cycles analysed
  • Composition of base checks and MH & materials used for full cycle examined 
  • Overall cost per FH determined 
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